Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Reinhardt Software GmbH, Luruper Chaussee 125, Haus 8a, Hamburg, Germany / Phone: +49 40 899712-0


Thank you very much for having shown interest in Reinhardt Software GmbH.

The use of the Internet pages of Reinhardt Software is possible without any indication of personal data.

In case you request direct contact with us via our Internet page (Contact/Support page), we will ask you for your name and e-mail address in order to serve you appropriate.

We use Cookies on our Internet pages. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer via your Internet browser. They do not contain viruses or any other harmful software. They are needed to make our Internet pages more user friendly and safe.

Our servers store log-files. These files contain your IP address, browser type and version, as well as your hostname, date and time. Those files will never be merged with any other data source.

Our “News” page shows the posts of our Facebook page. If you click on one of the articles you will be redirected to our Facebook page. For more information about the Privacy Policy of Facebook, please see